Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Taper Time

The only problem with owning bicycle(S) is that you can only ride one of them at a time. But I think I found the bike to end all bikes!!!!

Check it out, the Specialized Scorpion:

"The Scorpion is our lightweight entry bike in the new Specialized Venom line, but it's still an aggressive bike with lots of bite. The secret behind the design is the sleek symmetrical frame surrounding the powerful crankset. As with all our new bikes, all cables and drive train components are housed inside the frame. But the main feature of the Scorpion is the huge bi-directional multi-ring super-drive in the center of the bike, which converts pedalling power to speed so efficiently it increases performance by at least 15% more than traditional drive trains. Simple, sleek, and super-fast, the Scorpion is set to nip those flat and fast trails like never before. "

HA! You probably think it's a joke .....but it isn't. Keep in mind that it is a mountain bike!

Nice ride today, two loops w/three groups. Nothing too strenuous, one good pull and some wheel suckin'. I actually used self control - didn't chase a break, never fought to bridge, just behaved myself. My legs are my friends......... my legs are my friends.........my legs are my friends.


Orange and Yellow? hmmmmmm

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