Monday, August 15, 2005


Trans Rockies Funnies

Okay - the Trans Rockies is now done and my friend Jason turned me on to these guys from Belgium that travel around and do adventure racing stuff. Team Reevax, Domie and Pepe (Steve is also on the team). You should check their site out. The English version of the recaps are just TOO funny!!

Here's an example of a crash from their point of view :

"And then a regretful incident: just as we close in on the leaders, one of them drops his drinking bottle, brakes hard and skids transverse across the road to a stop to pick it up again. I can just avoid the drinking bottle, but unfortunately not the Canadian owner. With 35km/h I hit the guy, and crash with my left side on the gravel. Domie, sticking to my rear wheel, can barely avoid my Orbea and crashes over me. In total we are with 4 riders on the ground after only 16km and this on a completely straight gravel road: how the f**k is this possible?

After a cursing serenade of which I'm not proud and that , so it appears later, has been filmed, we take a look at the damage: Domie's back, only just recovered, has been hit hard and hurts again. His right arm and upper leg are grazed. I have especially a left elbow, where in between the gravel stones, there is too much blood running to give a good feeling. Also my left knee and fingers take some damage. Cursing and yelling doesn't change a thing and Domie encourages me to get quickly back on the bike. The bike seems fine, only a twisted handlebar. Not so our Canadian Rockie-colleague, whoms back wheel we have waisted professionally. Luckily he gets quickly onather wheel so the leader team can continue as well."

So now that you have read the description click here to see the slow motion video. That is NOT what you should do while leading a pace line! Or with one close behind you and closing in!

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