Tuesday, September 06, 2005


7Springs Epilogue

Still thinking about the weekend and what a great experience it was. Sure it would've been better to ride it out than watch, but I'd of been in a world of hurt right now.

Some thoughts still flashing through my mind :

My bike worked flawlessly, but my body didn't. I've had numerous mechanicals in my last 2 solos, someday I'll get my body and bike working at the same time.

I did get attacked by a big (1-2 inch diameter) hanging dead vine. On that nasty slimy mudsucking little uphill just before you crossed the road at the checkpoint on the bottom of the back loop. My rear wheel slid over into the vine which got caught between the derailler and rear wheel breaking a spoke. It took me awhile to get the vine out and I was lucky to free it without breaking the derailler or hanger.

There was nasty eaten decayed deer carcass on the new uphill section of single track.

With my rock riding experience limited to a few prerides up there (not many rocks to ride here at the beach!) I was more than a bit apprehensive about the front loop of the course. The first time I got through the rock garden clean I let out a big scream of joy and I couldn't wait to go back through it again.

Now this is sick - After seeing JK's mess I was mad I didn't photo mine. Then when I saw the pictures the on course photographer took I was really mad .

A closer look at my face shows how I was really feeling at the time. I was actually looking for a convienient place to spew, but had to hold it back because of the cameraman. I should've just let it fly projectile style so he could've caught it on film!
Note the left side helmet tilt - It's an east coast thang.

I didn't always look that sick

Marc has a great writeup of the event on his blog. A team of SSer's stomping the gearies! Freaks and Geeks was one strong team.

There was a full team on fixed geared bikes that won their class. You've gotta be kidding me, I thought it was a stretch to ride the course on SS's. They must've been spinning like on top on those downhills.

It sucks you had to bail, especially after driving so far.

I don't know if I have the fortitude to do well at a solo 24 hour race. I may try some of the 12 hours (Lodi, etc.) before I can even fathom doing a 24. Good effort, and better luck next time, JB!
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