Thursday, September 01, 2005


Last Spin and Packing

10 mile warm-up then hopped on the (20 mile)last loop with the group. Full intentions of using as little energy as possible, just keeping the legs loose. I'd normally take at least few days off before a 24 hour event, but riding with these folks is fun and - HEY - I love2ride! We'll see how it works.

Bill G was spinnin' out the wattage up front and made it easy for me to sit in the back middle of the group with a super low HR at 27-28mph. Thanks! BJ and Art both did 4 loops today! phheeeeew. Good job.

Chilled wit da homeys at Panera's afterwards. OK world get ready.....BJ is ready to BLOG. The plans are circulating around her brain right now as you read this!!! She also sent in her upgrade app for Cat 3.

I tried to get Lance (the cat) to help with packing but he just wanted to play

and try on sunglasses:

Finished up the packing, loading up the cooler with old school energy, topped with new world flava :

Time to hit the road. Off to the land of this n'at.


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