Friday, September 02, 2005


This is going to be FUN!

A few other notes :

Many other 24 hour races Are going on this weekend and good luck to all entered.

The "Worlds" are up in Canada where Chris Eatough will be going for his 6th in a row. He will also have a live pit cam on throughout the race. Check it out here, because I sure won't be able to!

To the early bird goes the prime pit spot! I scored a primo track side pit area. All solos want is a pit VERY close, preferably right next to the course. Why do race directors like to assign an area that offers no benefit whatever?

Our pits are on the right. The course comes right up this hill toward you. This is at the 4.5 mile mark or so. We're directly across from a group of 2 4 person teams from WV. Veterans of many 24hr races all the way back to Canaan. These guys will be fun neighbors.

The small guy on the right is named Moose! That's a whole 'nuther story. His buddy on the left is sitting in the side named "Drinking Tent" Moose is sitting on the side labeled "Puking Tent". hehehehahah

No More till Sunday night!

JB #411

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