Friday, September 02, 2005


7Springs Pits

7spitlatest, originally uploaded by Love2Ride.

That's our pit on the far side of the trail. The red and white EZUps next to each other. Click on the caption hyperlink to see more. We're above and away from the huge field.

Bad news (for me) The Le Mans start is a run of more than 1/2 mile to the bikes. I ride a bike because my tore up ankles can't handle running anymore. The thought of running over 1/2 mile (all the way around the lake) in stiff MTB shoes w/cleats over uneven terrain sure doesn't make me smile. :-(

Met a guy named Judd from Hershey Pa that is going SOLO SingleSpeed and RIGID. YIKES

Also met one of the 2 solo women, up here with her husband. Her team name:
"NO BALLS NEEDED" Might be a good name for a BLOG BJ (hint hint).

RideOn....I Will!


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