Thursday, September 08, 2005


Longing for some spin.

Amazing - My fifth day off a bike. I don't think I can remember 5 days off for a long long time. Man I miss it. My legs still feel a bit sore. What's that all about? I'm going to have to plan something special for tomorrow.

So what does one do when not riding? Well, fix the bikes for one. Then check out some movies.
I saw Transporter 2 the other night. Just wait for the DVD. I think this sums it up:

"Twice the action with 1/2 the plot."

Much of the action and stunts are so off the wall they're more comical than breath taking.

An interesting (I'm easily amused) character is played by model come actress Kate Nauta who goes around shooting things up while barely clad in a garterbelt and stockings. A review describes her as :

a psycho-skank in slutty clothes and short blond hair who looks like the underfed love child of David Bowie and. Brigitte Nielsen. ...

That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Producer/writer Luc Bessen must have a penchant for waif thin action divas, as he cast Mila Jovavich in The Fifth Element then married her. Remember ..... her big line was "MUL-TI-PASS".

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll start the day tomorrow with a ride...or....2 .


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