Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Its C-C-C-C-old Out

Up pre-dawn for the usual Tuesday road ride. The remnants of that hurricane combined with a Low pressure zone and we had 30-35 mph winds yesterday. They'd only let up a little bit by today. Misty rain covered roads added to the 50 degree temps made it riding for the hardcore or crazy. Not sure where I fit in. I bundled up and went out anyway. WNW winds meant an initial tailwind which just made it harder to warm up. 10 minutes into the ride a 30+ mph gust hit me and blew me off the shoulder of the road. Discretion won out over valor and I turned around to head back. Couldn't hold a safe line in those winds.

Finished the workout with a nice MTB(Salma) ride in the park. She wad a bit finicky this AM, with some chain suck and phantom shifting. The Crossmax is in the shop so I was out with a different rear wheel. Gotta get that sorted out before the weekend race. There was a fair bit of deadfall around from the winds, but not too much.

BJ and Bob had the Tuesday crew over to their beautiful house for a dinner party/club meeting. It was a blast. The wine flowed like water and the food was as good as it gets. Much thanks. We had a little "get to know each other" exercise in public speaking/slurring. Even with intense peer pressure, corona, and fine wine, Art remained a mystery shrouded enigma.

Mom had a hip replacement done today. Looks like all went well. Get Well Soon!

Bundle up and RideOn


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