Saturday, October 15, 2005


Something for Everyone

On the National Scene:

Tinker posted a great report of the 508, his first ultra road race, on his site. It sounds like he's committed to RAAM in 2006. Solo RAAM next year promises to be the an incredible event. More on that later.

The UMCA published my report of the ADK 540 on their site. It will also appear in the newsletter. I don't like seeing my name in print that many times, but ultra cycling legend John Hughes insisted. I sent out a questionnaire to all 540 finishers and it was really interesting reading their responses. More on THAT later!

24 hours of Moab is going on as I write this. Nick's teammate Brian led the entire field (and that's a lot of folks) with the fastest first lap time. They're holding on to 1st in the pro duo class after 8 hours. Just a 2 minute lead.......... this WILL get intense 10 or 12 hours from now. Nat Ross is looking for a repeat in the solo field and has held the lead since the gun. Adam looks to be riding well and posting consistent times. There is MAJOR coin at stake in the solo field. At my estimate 4-5k for first. I guess that sounds stupid. That IS a bunch for a mountain bike race, but these guys are out bustin' their ASS for 24 straight hours and won't make a penny if they don't podium. On the other hand cry babies like TO want more millions just to be............. a cry-baby. Oh well.


The Saturday morning group rides were an absolute HOOT (if you're from the south - if not then then were just a whole lot of freakin' cycling fun!). The 15 mph winds made things exciting. The TriPower team was there in force, with KH and MH out jumpin' huge curbs on their cross bikes tuning up for tomorrow's IC. The new grey and black TriP skinsuits were in. JD was back with us sportin' his winter growth and Italian climbing legs. The Teams Blue were also there and for the second ride we even had a few wildmen on a tandem. Check out the nice water jug on the rear rack. These dudes were stylin' AND flyin'. That water ALMOST came in handy. My dehydrated self was dropping off the edge going down Shore Dr and the lead group was gapping me - I just couldn't bridge again. Then the tandem studs roll by like a freight train. Seeing the water jug I use my last watt of power to jump up and on to their wheel - all I wanted was some of that water, but somehow LC got position on me, blocked my jug access, and as a result I went thirsty and OTB. Heck, it woulda been hard filling my bottle(s) at somewhere near 30mph anyway. Yup , those Converse hightops got the Santana rollin' that fast.

At the end the halloween java flowed like wine at Starbucks as those wild and crazy tandem guys cruised the parking lot for chicks. Click on the photos to enlarge. More will be up soon.

Good luck to all at the Iron Cross.

Liz put a nice write up of the Seagull on her blog



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