Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Fixing Dis n'At

Trying to get my FS MTB ready for next weekend and next season I ended up taking inventory on tires and such. After almost 10 monthes riding tubeless, I have 5 tubeless tires with punctures:

Unfortunately tubeless tire patch kits are very hard to find, maybe "they" make more money selling new tires than patch kits? Just a thought. Some people ride tubeless rims with Stans inside. To me that just defeats the purpose, then if you DO need to put a tube in while on the trail, it's a real mess.

So I've been accumulating tubeless patch kits with the thought that someday I'd have the time to patch all those tires and review the different methods. Today was the day I'd start.

The first tire up for repair was the Kenda K front. I thought it had 1 leak, but it actually had 2 :

Once you find the holes it's really easy. I prepped the holes , and the plugs were put in with some glue, now its ready to ride. I used a magnifier to be sure the plugs got through the holes.
The nice thing is not having to remove the tires from the rims.
Out on the trails tonight to see how it holds up. I'll review the kits and techniques later.



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