Sunday, October 16, 2005


I Was lost Then I Was Found.- #246 in Your Hymnal

Its funny how I can never be quite sure how I'll feel going into a ride. Saturday's group rides kicked my butt, I made some decent efforts, but took really long to recover and basically felt like I had legs of lead. Didn't think I should feel that way as Friday was an easy recovery ride after a day off on Thursday. So I went out @ 6:30AM on Sunday wanting to put in 100 miles but expecting a crappy ride. JD swept me up on the way to pick some others then towed us all down to the 7:30AM FFrogs ride. He's strong like a freight train. Jim has a diesel engine somewhere in his body that is powered by bagels. Actually I think that JD stands for JimDiesel.

The FFrogs ride is really a huge group, I'd say 40+ riders all with different ideas, plans and paces. Only my 2nd time down there for this, the first time I got separated from "my" group and rode mostly solo, which is fine, but wasn't the plan.

I followed the lead group thru detour signs to a closed road on the normal route, and once again was on the wrong side of the split. We had to shoulder our bikes around a bunch of road-blocking construction equipment. Then of course they took off like 15 people on a 20 mile team time trial, which I guess it was for some of them. I couldn't figure out if the rest of the group was in front of us or behind us, I couldn't see them either way, so at the first fork I sat up and waited, then turned around and rode back a bit, but no-one. Oh well, once again I go for a group ride with 40 people and am off solo. Now accepting my fate I RideOn alone and am surprised at how good I feel! I see ace master mechanic Roberio going back the other way and he says just keep going I'll find them. As time goes on I see more and more riders just doing the 20mile sprint loop on their way back. The weather is just AWESOME. Sunny, cool, not to windy (yet). Up over the Pungo Ferry Bridge (--->) and I'm seeing more and more folks and hook up with the group at the store over the small bridge.

We had a nice ride back to Frogs, then continued back north with Lance, JM, Bill, and Ashton. The wind was picking up now and strong out of the NW. I threw in one loop to make an even 100 miles or so.

Hope everyone got in some good time on the saddle.



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