Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Cooooooool Morning. KOB for Once

Out at 6:40AM - Coooool and dark. The windjacket got it done in the cool breeze---->. NO 7:15 group today so I'm on my own. My headlight falls off 20 minutes into the ride - the screw seems to have vibrated out of the bracket. Pretty much light enough to see by then anyway. Coming back on Shore I feel a slow leak in my front tire - yeeeeesh what a way to start the day. Luckily only a few minutes from home so I just changed bikes and went down to meet the 8AMers.

Nice group, 7 or so to start and added a few at the regroup. In a red light shuffle Art got stuck with 2 pulls up Great Neck which set me up for a nice move up the Bridge. HAH, First time ever I was KOB! See we have no mountains, so KOM is out of the question. I eased up for a few pedal strokes after the crest letting JLaw and Art fly pass me and slam the downhill. Oh well, one step at a time. Now I guess I'll have to work on getting to the bottom faster. Then Dag and I worked a 2 man break till the now warmed up train reeled us in.

Preliminary reports on the Iron Cross:
Rob got it done on his SS KMonkey, that's sick!
There was an insane "run up" near the half way point. More like a crawl and climb up.

Been thinking a lot about next years race schedule, but can't commit till VAC gets their schedule out. I did pre-reg for the Tidewater Challenge - 6 hour enduro division.



Sounds like you've been getting a ton of miles in and having a good time. That's great. Keep it going! Talk soon.
Just stickin' w/the plan! Reading all those Moab reports makes me hungry for a 24 hr. thrashing. My body is achin' to ache!
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