Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Daylight Saving Recovery Ride

It's nice having the light back early in the AM. 44 degrees @ 6:30 and not much wind. I mounted a skinny tired bike to meet the Tuesday 7:15ers. Legs felt like lead. 10 mile warmup and still like lead, but not quite as heavy. In the paceline with the usual suspects, and was glad we were takin' it easy. JDiesel hopped in on the way up Atlantic. Another engine to pull me around?, or chew me up and spit me out? Thankfully we held a nice smooth steady pace. I felt fine below AT but if I crossed that line it spelled a quick doom. JD was on his sweeeeet fixey(--->) and was kind enough to help me back to the group after I dawdled up the bridge. The further we rode the better I felt but I still had no power reserves. Got 40 miles in and it should help my dead legs come alive.



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