Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The "Must Do" list and such....

Liz put a writeup of the IronCross on her blog. There is also another one on cyclingnews. That's on the "must do" list for next year. Even Britney and Madonna have lists, but they won't disclose who or what's on them. See - I DO have a list! HAH! Slowly formulating next year's schedule. Definite for sure events:

Sebring 12/24
18 Hours of Scouts Honor

and a bunch of VCA road races.

This calendar works great for organizing your race schedule:
You can get the template for MS Word here.

I REALLY want to try and make the Trans-Iowa. To me that's what cycling is all about. Get on your bike with a bunch of other crazies and just ride! 320 miles, self-supported, mostly flat but very windy (just like here!). As grass-roots as it gets. I likey. Just hope the scheduling and logistics work out.

Had a nice sunny brisk morning MTB ride this AM through the park. Looks like my rear derailer is a bit out of line and causing some chain suckage. I have a new replacement and was just waiting for a good reason to put it on. This one has probably been tweeked since 24 hrs of BigBear when a branch jumped up and snapped the hanger on the very first freakin' lap. Master mechanic and bike wizard Tom fixed it up back then with a bag of spare parts. He told me it should be replaced soon, so now its 5 months later and I'm getting to it. Tom is definitely the MacGyver of the bike world, what a great guy. I was going through some bunches of photos from the year and everyone of Tom has him fixing something :

or someone :

JM in "full on" race mode getting wired for night. He's got the solo 24 hour all business gaze goin' on.

So here's to Tom! The man never stops moving, fixing, organizing, and otherwise helping anyone he can. If you're in a 24 hour race, in the middle of the dark woods at night, and think you hear some Bongo drums, you probably do! It's Tom spreading the rhythm and flow.



that's MY mechanic!!! Cheers!
Yep, it sure is! I was just lucky enough to tag along!
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