Friday, October 28, 2005


Show ME the Money

I got the link below from Sager. I don't understand the formula, but the premise has to do with the fact that AOL bought out two year old WebBlogs Inc. from some now rich nerds for a 25-40 million or so. I think the values are more link than traffic related. Whatever. AOL does have a history for overpriced aquisitions/mergers. The numbers on the whole TimeWarner deal just never made sense, nor have they panned out.

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

Nevertheless - Do you think they'd just give me the cash to score the TT bike of my dreams?

Speaking of Sager - He was down in Austin for a race and LAF Ride for the Roses. So was this guy. You'll have to scroll down his site for his full description, but it looks like yet another hater has been converted :

"Saturday we all hung with Lance for a bit, private-like style. Take whatever opinion you have of Lance and toss it out the window.

This is what matters: Every time I see the impact LAF has on people and their individual lives, I feel like an ass. Here I am, an abled bodied guy, talking and walking and laughing with my peeps while taking pics with Armstrong - and thousands of survivors are standing in line outside waiting to meet Lance and tell him how his foundation and story have changed their lives. When you walk out of the meeting room after our chat with Armstrong, you have to parade past the line of patient supporters of the LAF. Every single of them has a story. Something made them get out of bed, leave home, and travel to Austin to stand in that line...a line I skipped straight to the front of without a thought or concern. That's something to chew on as you leave and they wait...

During the LAF ride on Sunday, I'd see riders with small signs on their backs that would say "Riding in memory of:" or "Riding in support of:"...and you'd see names like Uncle Charlie, Mom, My son......"ME". Mega. That's powerful & strong stuff and while I can't effect the fight against cancer to any extent personally, I'm glad I was able to participate in the weekend's the very least you'll find me living life to the fullest and taking care to remember its fragility"

from J Sager emphasis added

If you MUST waste energy on hate don't hate the player........... hate the game.
BTW - Sager's blog is worth a bit more than $0!

Oh yea, don't forget to set your TIVO/DVR/VCR because Lance and Sheryl are on SNL this week.

<----Secret spy cam shot.



Thanks for the SNL heads up. This blog is awful informative.
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