Friday, November 11, 2005


I'll Have Just One More

So I'm picking up some "To Go" food at a local restuarant and overhear this conversation at the bar :

Dude 1 : "Give me 1 more double Scotch on the rocks, and make it special."
Bartender : "You mean the first 3 weren't special?"
Dude 1 : "They were nice but this is my last one so it has to be extra special."
Dude 2 : "I had a physical this week for work, my cholesterol was high."
Dude 1 : As he takes the last cigarette out of its pack and lights it. "Mine's about 260, but I don't eat any of those foods on the bad list so there's not much I can do about it." He's already opening the next pack of cancer sticks and as the smoke comes out of his nose he says "What I'm REALLY worried about is diabetes, its the number one killer out there and runs in my family" Then he gulps the last of his Scotch and asks the bartender for "Just one more - and make it special!"


Today was a sunny coool day to ride. It never warmed up past mid 50's, so no need to shed layers. Very nice.

The ride today mirrored the classic struggle of the one:

Against the many :The one prevailed. Contrary to the old saying - Strength does NOT lie in numbers, it lies in the legs.

The Diesel chewed me up but didn't spit me out. Thanks for the ride JD.



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