Thursday, November 03, 2005


Quotable Quotes

Now with the season is officially over (I don't have a cross bike yet - but it's on my Christmas list) my mind drifts back to memorable moments of the year and there were many. Two of the best quotes I heard were from the same guy, ultradistance rider John Fuoco (pictured below).

After the Saratoga 24 hour everyone had a chance to clean up and shower. The showers were really nice as it had rained for the first 12 hours of the ride. Yep, we rode through 12 straight hours of non-stop rain, then got a chance to ride 12 more at night!
Race director John Ceceri (there's more John's in this story than a brothel on Friday night so pay attention) had all of us over to his house for a barbecue/awards at noon after the race finished. So I (JohnB) am sitting next to (winner of today's race and twice JMC champion) John Jurczynski as JohnC puts down a big skillet full of freshly cooked burgers and dogs on the picnic table in front of us. In contrast to yesterday's rain today was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a cook-out, and the smell of that food directly under our noses was intoxicating. After 24 hours of riding (I guess I was only on my bike about 19 of those) it took every bit of resolve not to start eating that food with both hands. I looked at JohnJ and saw the same hunger in his tired eyes. We maintained a bit of table manners and waited for the buns and condiments before chowing down. Then JohnF, who came in a close second today and second in the JMC this year, comes by and talks about the race. JohnJ and JohnF were a very close 1-2 with only 5-10 miles separating them for over 400 miles. JohnJ flatted in the early morning hours which made things even closer. We offer JohnF some of the fine food and without pause he says:

"No thanks I don't eat anything I can't squeeze out of a tube."

What's wrong with that man?

The next quote again from John Fuoco, was actually in an email I got after the Adirondack 540. JohnF again came in a strong second and was with the winner Larry Optis at 470 miles. When asked if he would return to the ADK next year JohnF said:

"I will unless I have my head examined"

So there you have it.

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