Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Money Grubbing Jerks and Good Movies

OK - Now these 2 guys are absolutely the most selfish ego-maniacal duo ever in any sport. The only thing that could possibly bring that couple together was - well by now you know, $$$$$$$. T.O. has NO concept of TEAM and the sport will be better off if he NEVER plays again. That's it. I hate it that I even wasted this space on them.

On the bright side - Today was another gorgeous day to ride and if you couldn't get out to enjoy it, just hope this fine weather holds out for us this weekend.

Finally saw a good movie! I was wondering if they just stopped making them. The last 3 movies I've seen in the theater have been worthless. But SAW II was great : suspense, violence, emotion, and even a plot. It might be too graphic for some but it WILL hold your interest. I never saw the first one but will be sure to rent it.

While on the topic of movies, check out City of Ghosts. It was written produced, and directed by Matt Dillon. He funded the movie with money out of his own pocket. Mat also plays the lead role. It was filmed on location in Cambodia with many local Cambodians playing key roles. The DVD is worth the purchase as it includes Dillon's comments on the trials and tribulations of making a low budget Indie film in a third world country. Other's in the mix : James Caan and Gerry DePardieu.

Have a beautiful day, sure wish I was doing hill repeats tomorrow,


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