Friday, November 04, 2005


Shivers Shakes and Spins

So I came down with the flu. Fever, shakes, all over sore body. At first I thought the soreness was from Sunday's race but it just wouldn't go away. Spent all day Thursday in bed sweating/chills fever, but feeling better now. Took Salma out for a spin through the park and felt good. The weather was freakin' BE-A-UTE-iful. 69 degrees and sunny. Felt nice to be out and sweating those last virii out of my system. The big group rides tomorrow will let me know how I really feel.

Been thinking alot about the Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge. I really had no appeciation for the history of the event. This was the 18th straight year! Not many MTB races have been around that long. I GPS'd the course at the pre-ride and finally down-;oaded the track. It showed 1100 feet of climbing per 4.5 mile lap. At first that seemed a bit high but it probably isn't THAT far off. The course was REALLY spectator friendly and I even saw Santy Claus (in disguise) in the crowd:

He actually bought a t-shirt on his way out and said he really enjoyed watching the race. He also saw me stack it I think on lap 4 or 5 in between those logs ----> . By then there was virtually no dirt left on the approach or exit to 'em. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it. Actually the real reason I dumped it was I saw him there and said "Watch this!" BRAAAP - BAAAAAAAAAAAAM

The ride today was sweeeeeeet and I rode up these "steps":

To get a nice view of Back Bay:

Hope everyone is feelin' fine!



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