Saturday, November 12, 2005


Nice ASSos Group Rides

Low to mid 40s at 6:45AM as I left to meet the first of three "loops wit' da groups". My ASSos was very comfortable in the cold. Could feel a bit of the bite on my ears and face, but the sun wasn't over the horizon yet. No photos today :-( . After putting 16 articles of clothes on I forgot that all important blogging accessory.

Not many riders in the lot when I pulled in but that changed quick as we had 50+ for the first 2 loops and a few less for the last one.

There was ASSos everywhere:
Sally had a very nice ASSos airjack.
LC had a nice ASSos airbloc ll.
I had my ASSos in the int Evo jersey.
Bob, Roberio, and many more had their ASSos on display.

The rides were fast and furious with everyone in great late (post?) season form. The
cycloXers were there sans facial hair - that had to give 'em and extra 1/4 mph or so topend. Dag was workin hard (powered by some mexican coco beans) when he wasn't scrambling around for lost articles. Wild Bill stomped his solo break down Shore, not to be caught by the train till Atlantic. A split occured as too many were too concerned with this mushrooming guy/girl thang (it WILL be interesting) to pay attention and put a chase on. When we finally did it was fast, furious and late. Crazy not only hung the guy out to dry, but beat him with a broom while he was out there. All in the name of gender pride! I caught a nice leadout in sprint zone 3.1 but it was a little early and my match burnt out with 50 yards to go.

All in all about 80 nice miles on a beautiful day!

So get your ASSos out there and ride!


yo, mulitple comments...
1. Nice ASSos.
2. The conversation is below is classic. I love when you hear someone bitching about being fat as they shovel chips or donuts in their mouth. Same with C-sticks.
3. Take care and enjoy the ride(s)

1. Once you ride with your ASSos you won't want to ride with anything else, the stuff is that good.
2. It was amazing listening to those bar dudes, but looking back on it the dude won't have to worry about diabetes as he's bound to die from something else sooner!
3. This weather has been great, but it won't last 4ever.

Say hi to wifey and B-man 4 me.
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