Thursday, March 09, 2006


Vive la TriPower

Team TriPower, after already garnering it's 2nd in a row Best All Around Team for the state of Virginia, was recently awarded Division 2 (25-75 members) National Club of the Year by USAC. Congratulations everyone. I'm proud to be a new member. Now if ya'll would just slow down a bit so I can keep up.

Got my JMC medal in the mail. Most of these medals are tacky little trinkets that end up in the back of the drawer somewhere. Normally I might say "2500 miles of traveling to ride for over 3 days and 900 miles, and all I got is a stinkin' medal." This medal, however, transcends the inevitable cynicism that might usually arise. It's a symbol of a journey. One that's only just begun. It will be prominently displayed - where? - I'm not yet sure, but I hope to hang many more just like it along side in the coming years.

You only need accumulate 5 JMC points to get the medal. 12 hour rides get you 1 point, 24 hours get you 2, over 24 hours - 3 or more. I did 3 events last year and hope to do at least that many this year. If you haven't tried one, you should. They're great training for 24 hour MTB solos, and you meet lots of amazing inspirational folks. Will I ever win the thing - HELL no. Just don't have the time. Even if I did, the reigning champ is in my age group. I couldn't keep up with him in junior high school either. I WILL be there grinding out ridiculous mileage for unforeseen times, all the while trying to break through my mediocre boundaries.

Here's a few words from the last UMCA mag from chairman John Hughes.

"The essence of ultra cycling is a rider pushing the rider's limits, going farther and or faster than before, under more difficult conditions. In the process the rider will learn more, for better or worse, about him or herself. And, hopefully, will derive great satisfaction from striving for and finally achieving a goal."

Well said. It's ALL about the journey for me.

Can I get an "Oh, Canada" ?

This is a bada$$ graphic. Sorta creepy........sorta friendly.

Gutted out 75 minutes of torture last night while watching my team romp. First 2 a day of the year. OUCH. But if you wanna run with the big dogs.......................

Out to get stomped tonight at the Thursday nighter. Weather's looooooookin' goooooood.



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