Sunday, July 23, 2006


Tour de Port

Yesterday was the Tour de Port. A Criterimium in downtown, excuse me - Olde Towne, Portsmouth. The venue was nice, with a festival like atmosphere.

When a bunch of lycra clad cyclists storm into a small city there's bound to be some interesting moments.

There were many live bands, including an Italian Duo, which, it seems had four people. Those Italians......

There was also a swing band playing, which of course gave rise to some dancing in the streets...

There were some rather intense moments of bloggers photo jousting with other bloggers...............

and at least one Father/Son pair starting in the Mens 123 :

Above all there was some very fast and furious racing on a very nice 1 mile course with 3 turns and a long sweeper. Conte's came up big with THOUSANDS of dollars of primes. How do you get the guys to jump up the already furious pace? How about a $150 PRIME on the 2nd lap of a forty lapper.........the another $150 on the 3rd lap, and the 4th, and the 5th......................damn. That'll get the lactate flowing fast. The field split early, and after many attempts David Fuente (Evolution Cycling) got away solo to take the cake. He also won the Cobblestone Crit last weekend. Strong, strong, riding.

Many many photos can be viewed here. Best to just hit slideshow if you have a few minutes, then watch the race unfold. The pictures are in the order they were taken.

Got 5+ nice hours of saddle time in this AM. The first 3 or so solo, then hooked up with a big crew, which split up. Rode part of the way back in w/ Marc, Crazy and Brenna. Going back up Great Neck, I hear "Pick it up John" as JDiesel flies by with another rider in tow. Couldn't resist that draft. Nice way to end the ride. Thanks Jim for the pull. It's now 2 weeks after the Saratoga 24 and I think my legs are finally coming back. Might be time to kick it up a notch.



John, that's a wonderful photo of Harlan and Paul.
Nicely done with the desaturation of the background.
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