Saturday, June 24, 2006


Drop Dodgin'

Friday - Day of bike love. They were needing it. Cleaned the drive trains, followed by soapy bubble baths. Tryin' to keep the stable happy. Reassembled the R3000 which I haven't ridden this year. Out for an afternoon spin into 20mph south winds. When I turned around to head home I see why. The sky was black. Tailwind helped get me in just before the thunderstorms came.

Saturday same forecast. The weather in seems, moves in cycles........ as the meteorologist moves ON cycles. Today he was slammin' it w/ el Presidente on a nice tandom. Watts up? 4 sure.

Out at dawn for a 25+ mile pre-group warmup. Much of it with the Crazy one. Huge 7:15 group of 40 or so, about the same for the 8:30. Temps near 80 with drippin wet humidity. They wasted me, but it felt soooo good. Haven't ridden the Saturday group rides since before surgery 3 months ago. They sure haven't gotten any slower, but maybe I have.

Only the hardcore and/or crazy stayed for the last loop. Maybe 14 of us. In and out of rain. Got 80+ in, with a bunch of it way faster than I can comfortably go. Great workout.

Tomorrow may head up to Reston to photo a fast technical Crit. Or maybe stay down here to get more of an (__!__) trashing. We'll see. That squeeky clean drive train ....... is no more.



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