Saturday, July 01, 2006


The Day I Shoulda Been Dropped

How Did Your Ride Go Today?


The Great Seminole County Bicycle Sting

Saturday mornings mark the massive group rides from Lakemont Elementary School in Winter Park. Well over 100 riders go off in up to 5 different rides, starting at 7:30. The penultimate ride is the 1rst group. 41 miles, no (planned) stops, no regroups, take no prisoners, we'll drop you when we can and not even look back, all out, ride till you crack, type of merciless hammerfest. This is a fast fun ride. The goal was to just hangon. The Seminole County Sheriff's Department had another idea .

Followed Turbo Todd and Cori in the easy roll out through the neighborhoods. I'd guess over 50 started in the first group. Pace increases throughout and by Lockwood we had a full head of steam. Jumps out of every corner just to hangon. At a redlight I turned around and was surprised to see I was near the end of the lead group which had dwindled down to 20 or so. Wasn't surprised I was near the back, but was surprised that there were only 20 left.

Saw a few sheriff's cars off in the grass on the side of the road. Florida Ave is normally where those that have anything left kick in the afterburners. A nice straight 2-3 mile section of road with no red lights or stop signs..........except the one near the turn at beginning of the road.

Shortly after the turn, in a full sprint to keep touch with the group and I hear the police siren behind me -

Brip brip, ........ Followed by the Megahorn........ "Cyclists, pull over at the next crossroads, pull over"

WHAT? Kept pedalling on, asked the guys behind me wtf is this? Another Sheriff's car passes us, gets ahead of our 1/2 of the group and pulls us over. WTF!?! We asked "what about the others guys that got away?" They said there were other cars up ahead waiting for them. They had obviously planned this with 5-7 cars set up to ambush us as we rode by. Guess there is a shortage of real crime to fight in Seminole County.

In all fairness to the officers, they were very polite as they wrote us up. We were also very kind and respectful, fighting back the urge to say how we really felt. They repeatedly said they wouldn't be out here if it weren't for "citizen's complaints". Come on now, who's the jerk that's complaining? Someone who gets held up once a week while we pedal down the road? Oh well. We all got written citations of warning for, umm, running stop signs .... no, no, --- going 35 in a 25 ............ yea that's it..........35 in a 25. HAH. All in a days ride.

As we are getting written up we got to watch the other groups roll by.

Unfortunately we hear that a few riders went down in one of the groups behind us. Hope everyone is well.

Riding on through Tuskawilla I see 3 more Sheriff's cars waiting. They were gonna get us one way or another.

Best of luck to my racing team mates up in Roanoke for the Commonwealth Games.



How exciting is that???
That's a riot! Getting pulled over by the cops... for speeding. I thought you were going to say for running a red light or stop sign...

Anyway, ride safely.
The cops had our number. Kurt - I will be up in Saratoga for the 24 hour. Look forward to seein' you and John up there.

Hard to believe it's here all ready. The year is flying by fast.
that is redonculous!

good luck at the saratoga two-four!
I was wondering if you got caught up in that. We didn't see you at Einstein's after the ride. It was great that you could join us while you were in town. We'll try and avoid the authorities the next time you are around.

- Todd
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