Friday, June 30, 2006


Hot Hot Hot

Boxed up a bike, hopped on a plane, and here I am in sunny, HOT, HUMID Florida.

Good for summer training. Will be out every day jammin' from Winter Park on the BOBies rides.

This AM we had 50 riders for a Friday! Cool, cool, cool. Was nice seeing everyone again. Cori, Turbo Todd, tall Dave and the rest of the crew.

Lots of nice bikes in the group, but the award for coolest bike in the peleton goes to Rocco, who was rollin' on a nice Bianchi.

Not just ANY Bianchi, but the Danilo Di Luca Team LeakyGas model! SWEET.

Of course we've all heard of the scandel with le Tour. I think it's a good thing. Gotta stop this shite somehow. I mean come on - would you let some guy keep your blood in a secret fridge with some kind of code name on it, then let him put it back in you months later? That's SICK dude. So far Team Disco has remained unscathed, hopefully it'll stay that way.

So I went to get to my secret fridge to check if the go fast stash was still there ........... thankfully it was.

Get out there and get your



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