Thursday, July 06, 2006


Time Time Time

Where does it all go? For that matter where does it come from? I guess if I knew that it would be as easy as going there to get some more.

Time waits for no man,
Time is on your side,
Time is the great equalizer,
There is no time like the present.

In the blink of an eye it seems the "Season" is here. Whatever that means.

I guess it means this is how the weekends line up the starting with next weekend through the middle of September:

Saratoga 24 Hour

Scout camp pre-ride, Cobblestone Crit, State Championship Time Trial

Weekend off

PLT Time Trial #2

New England 24 hour

PLT Crit / Oyster Point Crit

18 Hours of Scout's Honor

Weekend off

Seven Springs 24 hour


ADK 540.

Yeeeeeesh. Too many events, too little time.....................

Looking forward to the Saratoga 24 hour. RD John C. got it right with this course desciption :

"Rolling hills, false flats and some wind. This is a deceptively difficult course. The longest hill is just north of Schuylerville, and is about ¾ miles long."

A 32 mile lollipop with a short 2 mile "stick". At the end of the stick is the 3/4 mile Bacon hill, which has a 10% grade. No big deal the first 7-8 times up it. Ater that it gains a percentage point of pitch every lap. You get to fly down near the end of the lap too. Last year I always ended up wimping out and touching the brakes. It's goes around a turn over an old rough road. At night in the rain it's a rush for sure.

Might do an audio blog from up there if the smell phone has reception.


The past is just history,
The future but a mystery,
The present is a gift, so enjoy it while you can.

Now go out there and get your



I always worry on that descent too. Nowhere to go if something's in the road--guard rail and tall weeds on the right, oncoming traffic on the left. Maybe if they cut back the growth on the right we'd feel safer seeing further ahead.
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