Monday, July 17, 2006


Tripower Flames Burning Everywhere

Have to take some time to give props to the Team. While I'm out slogging long slow miles, they're out kicking butt at the fast races. They provide an endless source of motivation, inspriration, friendship and good times!

Super Sally and Lovely Laura took the State Omnium by storm. Sally in the leaders yellow and Laura in the climbers dots. A Crit, a Time Trial, and a Road Race. 1, 2 finish. Ya just can't beat that. They also know how to recover from races.

K-Dog went up to Roanoke the next weekend to win the mountain bike Omnium.

Of course BJ never ceases to amaze. Last year state BAR Cat 4. Nervous about the upgrade. Now dominating the C123 ladies in the State BAR. Then she leaves the flatlands of the beach to go to very hilly Nationals at Seven Springs PA, and podiums not once, but TWICE. The TT and the Crit. Inspirational stuff. Liz has a write up here.

Fast Lisa upgrades from Cat 4 to Cat 3 in 3 races, then in the blink of an eye is mixing it up with the pros - including multi-multi-multi time national champ Tina Pic (in the stars and bars jersey)

Brenna (-->) took first in the windy State Championship TT this weekend, with Laura and Sally in the next 2 spots. Speedy Bill G (andele' andele') and Tim had a great rides too.

Art the Dart and Crazy are in the thick of the frenetic, all-consuming scramble for BAR points.

This just touches the surface........many more TriPower folks out there tearing up the road and dirt. WTG all of you.

A full post on the details of the Saratoga 12/24 is in the works. Kurt put a nice writeup here. Yeesh, just saw the post race photo he put up. Looks like I've been riding 24 days, not 24 hours. Maybe I should change jerseys once during the race .......................nah.



Very Nice JB!
That thumbs up, looks very reluctant...
Congrats on a great ride.
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