Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Give This a Look

Remember back in the 2001 Tour when Lance made famous "the look"?

Years later he admitted he was just looking back to see if he had any teammates still with him on the climb up L'Alpe de Huez. We didn't want to believe it. The thing that makes the moment so special is really the blank expression on Jan's face just before he gets dropped, to finish second in yet another Tour.

Lance may have had "the look". But we have "the Cook". After the finish of the Amphibious Assault Crit, we now have "the Cook Look".

What could inspire such amazement and apparent disdain?

After lapping the entire field (with the exception of 2nd place) Laura is cruising toward the finish line way ahead of everyone when the 3rd place rider (who is 1 full mile behind) decides to engage her in a sprint!!


I think it's safe to say we can guess what she was thinking.

The Tuesday AM rides were quite full today. Doesn't seem like the century slowed anyone down ('cept me).



Pictures are so much fun.

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