Monday, August 14, 2006


Chesapeake Crit

The Chesapeake Crit (Pro123) was fast and furious. Photos are up here.

The field would not be denied, reeling in


after break,

after break,

after break.

A bold move with one lap to go.......

Was caught on the final straight by winner and past Olympian Nima Ebrahimnejad

An article was published in the local newspaper which focused more on doping than the race itself. But hey, I guess any publicity is better than none at all ....... I guess.

Kudos to Laura - After placing high in the Women's race, she jumped back in with the Mens Cat4 and finished with the pack.

After the whipping I took at the group rides yesterday, it was time to turn the other "cheek" and get spanked again at the Fat Frogs ride. Just how many times can I go OTB in one weekend?



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