Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Blog Server on Photo Strike

Bloggers doin' it's "You can't upload pictures thing"

So until I can, you can browse these of the race. Most are from the last 90 minutes or so. Also some of the rewards.

Answers to the what is wrong with picture below :

1. Its only 6 hours into the race and I'm sitting on my a$$ instead of sitting on my bike and riding ..... this is because :

2. My seat is pointed skyward. Seems the seat bolt loosened (twice - then cracked) ..... even after installing the spare bolt, the splines were too stripped to hold the seat in position.

3. The wheels don't match .... not a biggy, waiting on a front warranty CrossMax replacement as the old one had a cracked hub.

OTHER problems with the picture :

4. The bike has at least 17 too many speeds.

5. and doesn't have 29" wheels.

Nothing against the Epic - I love the ride, but once you see the light, it just doesn't compare.

Lots of great stories out there, mine is not one of them. But I'll have some up once Blogger let's me.

Till then check fatmarc, and his teammate Buddy . IFJeff has a report up also.

Back soon,


sorry about the bike issues. wow rough weekend, thank you for sharing the pictures.

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