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Gettin' pretty geeked about the weekend

"An 18 hour endurance race. Nine mile course of SWEET tight technical single track, sweeping climbs, descents and fire roads with 1320 feet of elevation gain oer lap. Hot showers and flush toilets on sight. Cabins and Bunk housing available for teams. Huge post race breakfast included for all entries."

Just in case you couldn't read the poster. :-)

An awesome event in it's 2nd year (at this location). Great course, great venue, and great people. It will be a great weekend regardless of outcome. Bummed my friend and pitmate JM has to WD, but ya got do what's best and keep your eye on the big picture.

Big props and appreciation to RD Cycles Ed (CED) for putting in immeasurable effort to get us on this private property. Not to mention all the trail work, planning and execution that goes with an event like this. This is sort of like the 12 hours of Lodi + 6(x10) on a venue that can't be surpassed. The breakfast is in an AIR-CONDITIONED dining hall - WITH wireless internet hookup! Heck if I wasnt going to be busy riding I'd do live updates. Ranger John will be cooking up everything from wild boar (all the tame ones got away) to eggs benedict. They even made a wading pool open to us .......... and there will be an ice-cream truck there all night.

A few snippits from Ranger Tim:

"We are really pumped and excited to see the race this year. Now that we have had one under the belt already, we (the camp) are looking forward to a great time. .............

Please DO have a great time and enjoy the spectacle. I couldn't believe what I saw last year. You folks are crazed! I know that CED has put in days and days of work all year long to bring this race to you, so be sure to thank him personally. He shows his love of the sport in his fantastic attitude out here throughout the year."

And then there's the legend of the Red-Bull girls. I never saw them last year as they made their rounds delivering cold go-juice, but heard about them everytime I came through the pits. The event has even inspired at least one ballad (and I'm sure more than a few crazy dreams):

The Ballad of 18 Hours
by ACBruce

I was hot and tired, just finished lap three
Had blood on my arm, from hitting a tree

My headlight was dimming, my spirits were low
I was sweaty and dirty from my head to my toe

I needed some fluids, I needed a spark
I saw 3 angels from out of the dark.

There was a redhead, a blonde and one with dark skin
They must have sensed the bad shape I was in

They were such beautys, I could only stammer
Blood rushed to my head, like a ball peen hammer

I didn't know whether to push or to pull
For they were the angels sent from Red Bull

They gave me a can that was icey and cold
And a smile and a wink, that was ever so bold

Their style and their scent was that of some flowers
I looked at my watch and said "Damn 10 more hours"

Reprinted with permission from AC


Couldn't think of a better place to be gettin' our



that event sounds schweet! so much good racing and riding down virginia-way. need to get down there...

good luck (and i know you'll have fun!)
Good Luck getn yer loooong ride on!
Stay away from slow talkin Dan, he'll put ya to sleep. Better yet try and hang on to his wheel!
peace out
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Hope to see (book'em) DanO here. Savin' him a parking spot and a pit. The only way I can hang on to Dan's wheel is if I bring a tow rope. He redefined his limits at the 6 hour and kicked a$$. But when we venture into the 18-24+ hour range .... that's MY WORLD! The first 12 hours are just a gentle warm-up.

Good luck to all you skinny tired folks at the STate Road Race.

the long and slow

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