Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Speed is Relative........

but Fast is FAST........

Our group rides have reached another dimension. They seem to be approaching the sound barrier. Was back reading old archives and realized that last Saturday was the one year anniversary of my first Saturday morning TriPower group ride(s). I was having trouble hanging on with the leaders back then, and it seems like nothings changed in that regard. I'd like to think I've gotten faster, but since I don't ride with a bike computer turned on, I really don't have a solid clue. But the numbers I'm hearing bantered about from the others that have the data sure seem to bear me out. Fact is with almost 3 months off the bike early this year due to surgery, recovery, illness, and crashes, I really havn't done too many group rides this year. Being slow as a slug, I need the speed work. Now's the time.

The Tuesday morning 7:15er is still pretty much a staple, but even that has gotten fast enough to cause splits in the group. If you aren't ready with some snap to jump off the redlights, you'll be OTB faster than you can say give'R. Nothing like busting a$$ to bridge up to the front group, then getting there totally crosseyed, redlined, and gasping, only to have all those you drug up fly by as you crack into pieces. I LOVE IT! Gimmee more.

Trying to work out the taper thing with the upcoming 18 Hour race this weekend, so I went out early avoiding the 7:15er to do a few hours smooth pedaling with a few spin drills thrown in. Of course I couldn't resist catching the 8AMer at the shop. From what I was seeing and hearing the 7:15 was once again vicious. Art the Dart led us up Great Neck after a small group had already gotten away at a red light.

I kept looking down at my legs thinking .......WARP SPEED SCOTTY.................... The only response I got was "but I'm given 'r all I got Captain!" I was a total tapering slacker and cut out after a 1/2 of a warp speed loop.

There's no Crying in Baseball,

and there's no taper in our group rides.

While up racing at the Tour de Christiana in Lancaster Pa, JohnM got to see and briefly talk to Floyd's Mom and Dad.

Like JeffW, I'm quite over postulating, defending, theorizing, and even thinking about that whole situation. Better to just go out and get our



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