Thursday, August 31, 2006


Goin's On

All kinds of things going on for the holiday weekend, but who knows how much ol' Earnesto will dampin' things. God knows we need the rain, but his timing could've been a bit better. We're getting dumped on now and it's supposed to get worse before it gets better.

Best of luck to all SM100 riders. Liz, Turbo Tim, Speedy Bill, K-Dog from the team and Andy making the long road trip. Should be far enough west to avoid the majority of the storm. Be careful pitchin' them tents.

The 24 hour road National Champs are going on in Illinois for the first time and will really shake up the JMC points standings. Lots of JMC competiters entered. Could John J take the 12 hour, 24 hour, and the overall JMC titles all in one year? Time will tell. Rick R has the 24 hr lead and needs to pick up one more 24 hour race to get the three necessary for the final total, John J needs 2. We'll see.

Hilbert Race 2 is goin' on, and will almost certainly get rained ON, hopefully not rained OUT.

Tinker will lead the charge at the 24 hr Subaru Challenge at 7Springs. I myself will be headed up there to visit some old friends, gets lots of RideOn, take some photos and watch JM soil his chamois'es. With the ADK only a few weeks away, I'm in need of some good long rides, but not a 24 hour arse whipping.

Another photo from the archives (---->) Unknown rider in the depths of Lodi '06.

So whatever you're goin's on, be sure and get a good



Liz is going??? I did'nt know that!
So, what are you gonna do this weekend?
Liz isn't going? Maybe I'm mistaken. All this talk of tenting and such, easily could have me befuddled.
What? What am I doing? Hmmmmm, if I was staying there I could give you blog reading lessons?
Have a good ride. Just stay on Speedy Bill's wheel and you'll be fine.
I'm running out of here ahead of Earnie.
JB, I am glad YOU think I can finish that thing. I will be making the trip. . . next year I hope!

I will do B2B third wkend of Sept and Ironcross as long as a certain bikeswap takes place by then. Hope to see you on one or both of those.

If you don't think you can finish, I have NO hope. But someday...... No B2B because of the ADK.
A big 10-4 on the IronCross.

Hope you didn't flood out too much today.

Had a great day up here in PA.
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