Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Credit Where It's Due

Put your hands together and clap. We need a big round of applause for :

FastLisa, who recently got her upgrade to Cat2. Seems like just yesterday she upgraded to Cat3. Which means it was, like, the day before yesterday that she was Cat4. WTG!! She's off on the left coast now, training in weather that is certainly nicer, and on hills that are no doubt more plentiful. (Photo credit to BJ or Bob)

A second round of applause to the Crazy one, aka the Silver Fox, who also got his Cat2 upgrade. Seems he was so excited that he stayed out 'til 3AM celebrating the morning of the Poor Farm Fall Cup, and was paying the price dearly during the race. You know better than that.......

Mike showed up at the group rides this AM on his mountain bike and took the first pull at the 7:15ER before turning off into SeaSnore State Park. Rumor has it he rejoined the 2nd half of the 8:15er and the only pull he took was on JLaws shorts in an effort to hang on? Hmmmmmm.

And heck, while we're at it, how about a few hand claps for Team TriPower who wrapped up the 2006 Team BAR competition in 1st place (again). With the following racers getting to bling the coveted BAR/OMNIUM jerseys when they come in :

Young Mark Edwards - Jr 15, and Jr15 Omnium

Biker BJ Samuel - Women Cat123, and Womens Omnium (doesn't she have too many of these jerseys already?)

Lovely Laura Cook - Women Cat4

Speedy Bill Gilmer - Masters 40-45 Omnium

Super Sally Tempest - Women Cat4 Omnium

Now while we're at it - give yourself a round of applause for reading this blog! Thanks, and ...



Great job to all who had quite the long season this year. What a nice tribute!
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