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A "quick" recap: ( Was going to be quick ...... but my legs are telling me to sit and blog instead of going out to ride, wassssup wit dat? are they skeeered?)

Thursday - nice spin after arriving. Why do legs feel like lead after any ride in a plane?

Fast Friday - This is prolly become my favorite group ride anywhere. Why? Cause it kicks my ass everytime. Ride down to Lakewood in the dark for a 7AM rollout, ride back with the group at a nice warmup pace. Then hit the Tuscawilla short loop (~4 mile) for 3 screaming laps at race pace. High 20s, up to low 30s. Like a 12+ mile crit. Only 2 turns, no stops. I've never made it the whole 3 laps. :-(
My time will come. This time I felt fine after a nice 2nd lap pull - all was well. I eased up just a bit too much as I drifted back looking for last wheel. The group had gotten smaller and the trailer came up quick. By the time I reacted they had a 20 yard gap. EFF! Sprinted back up to reconnect. Took a while but finally caught 'em. Before I could catch my breath we hit a turn. As the last wheel I had to brake too much, and just couldn't match the acceleration on the exit. Oh well. Someday. Cori, (our token female), calls this "the negative breakaway ride". But she's always in the positive half of the split........

Saturday - The new halagen street lights around Tuscawilla are so bright you could ride loops all night without a headlight, so that's what I did.

Except I did have MyNewt supplying the lumens. For the record - I've been through 6-7 charging cycles and the light still delivers 3.5-4 hours on high. Even more on low. The battery mounts neatly beneath the stem, and the lights mounts quickly and easily to the bars with a big rubber o-ring. It gives a red signal when the battery is getting low so you can "nurse it" until sunrise.

A universal truth : If you ride long enough in the dark, the sun eventually rises. At the wrong time of the year in Alaska you could have a long wait ........ but this is Sunny F-L-A.

So with over 6 hours and triple digit miles in my legs I went down to Lakeland group rides, totally convinced I'd behave myself, keeping my head down and out of the wind. The ride in theory wouldn't be as fierce, since many of the power brokers were up in Apopka for the "World Championship of Errol's" - But that's another (and good) story. How'd it go up there Todd?

When you've been ridin' most of the night the sunrise ALWAYS gives new life.

The ride went well. Only 30 or so in the fast group. Pace started smooth and easy in the low 20's. It was pretty clear no one would get away today. Kept good position, one pull into the wind felt fine. Warming sun felt really good. I was at the front for the red light at Lockwood, figured may as well take another pull. Wheel sucking always fills me with pangs of guilt ...... I gotta get over that. Light changes, I put my head down and power up. 2-3 minutes later I decide to take a break. No one there to pull through. WHAT? Turn around and see the group 200 yards back. Ride on another minute or two. Where are they. Sit up, wait, hop back on, wasn't trying to get away. Seems like everyone was saving it for the next turn up Florida Ave - the 4 mile drag race. Someone makes a move, most follow, a few mini gaps. Pace in the high 20's. Nice.

RANT ON - Somehow a car gets in the middle of the group. Some (only a very few) pulling stupid stunts in traffic. Sketchy. That's why people call the Police and complain about cyclists. Then they come out and pull us over. Not good. If I'd of been the driver I'd of called the cops. Or at least yelled obscenaties at the jerks - which I did anyway. Why do people ride in group rides with freakin' IPods on? Hey, I love to listen to music and ride, but I'll NEVER do it in a group, or in traffic. Idiots runnin' red (not yellow) lights while at the front pulling the rest of us in? For what? So they can say they got away? Leave your damn ego at home and ride with your legs and brain. RANT OFF

It was agreat day (and night) to ride. Pulled off on 434, saw they were setting up for a festival.


A little off roadin',

some more laps of Tusca', and back home for a nap.

Then I grabbed the kilt and went to throw the hammer,

the caber,

and the sheath.

(or at least watch others do it)

'Twas a good day,

Some hills are calling my name, my legs don't want me to hear it. Aw heck I can make it up those hills without legs ...........

Can't I?

We'll see.


Glad to see you're having such a great time down there? We're doin our best up here, but it's been rough going. I've been mostly MTBikin to keep things warm. See ya soon!
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