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OK, scratch that last post. Had a bad attitude. Pissed and moaned about riding today after a paltry 185m yesterday. Today turned out to be one of the best days on the bike I can remember. Just wish I'd of gone out sooner. Only got 6 hours or so in. Only stopped 'cause it got dark, and I didn't bring a light with me. Felt better at the end than the beginning. As penence I may get up at midnight and ride more.

Sure doesn't look like "flat" Florida.

Explored the Clermont area and Lake County. Clermont is home to the US Triathlon Training Center, and the Great Floridian Tri. It's like dying and waking up in cycling heaven here. Hills and more hills, miles of uncrowded roads, miles and miles of WIDE bike trails. Can't imagine there's a better place in the US (east of the Mississippi) to be riding right now.

Funny thing happened on the ride. A few hours into it I was going around Lake Minneola on Lakeshore Drive. Was standing up and mashing pedals - just 'cause it seemed to be the thing to do at the time. Not like a full on sprint or anything, just trying to work on my stand up power delivery.

Up ahead I see a hose across the road and decide to drop a few gears and sprint to it. As I near it I see a guy watering something out of the corner of my eye. Just about the same time I decide to bunny hop the hose. Not sure why. Because the hose was there? or because the guy was there......... don't know. I think I've gotten pretty good at the old bunny hop. Heck, I've been in, like, 2 Cross races. Never tried bunny hopping from a full on over the bars sprint though. I understand now that was why my weight was so far forward. My front wheel got up maybe 1.5-2 inches, just enough to clear the garden hose. My rear wheel however, must've gotten up at least 2-3 feet, 'cause I distinctly remember looking straight down at the ground, and riding the front wheel for an interminably long time. I was very happy when the rear wheel touched back down, and I tried to act like that what what I planned all along. The guy must've really liked it 'cause he let out a whistle of approval and a small round of applause. All the while he's probably thinking to himself (effin' idiot). Mad Skills, you want 'em ....... I got 'em.........

Oh yeah - it got warmer than 76!!

What a day to get a



You're. . . killing. . me.
nice miles.
wish i was there!
wish i wuz there..............
ojuz 1 problemo.... i heard they put warning signs up in fla. 4 every hill that gains 2 feet per hundred yds....
No these aren't the Rockies, Wasatch or Blue Ridge. They're not even the Alleghenys. But they're still one heck of a lot better than what we got at home!

Oh yeah - It is a bit warmer too.

Funny they only put hill warnings for downhills...........
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