Sunday, March 18, 2007


Back Logged Poser

OK, been a posting slacker. Computer meltdown due to lack of memory - physical, virtual, and emotional. Trying to upgrade hardrive. Not successful yet. Anyway, need to post a better Snowball Crit report.

Props to Steven for riding away from everyone for the win. Sympathy and heal quickly wishes to Rob, who slammed down hard right in front of me with 5 to go, trying to avoid the 3 guys that slammed down in front of him. The AABrt was out in force. Seems the old saying "Cat 5 - Stay Alive" is well founded. I locked up the rear and barely missed center-punching Rob, then the pack was gone, and it was impossible to reconnect.

Fast forward to TT prep. My Ultrabike/Roadbike/Critbike, morphed into a poser TT bike with the addition of some "real" aero bars - all in preparation for the first TT of the year. I took a few days to try and sort out riding position. Probably take a few months to get it totally dialed. Clincher disc looks cool, sounds cool, but due to (deep seeded) psycho-emotional hangups, was not used.

Top secret front wheel from the house of jDiesel WAS used.

Someday I'll be worthy of, and get, a REAL TT bike. I've been lusting after the Cervelo P3 since I first saw it a few years back. Not only beautiful, but it just exudes primal go fast pheromones that are impossible to ignore. Form, function, and sex appeal, all rolled in to one fine looking carbon sculpture that air molecules avoid with a passion. Someday ..........

Got in a good Saturday ride on the Peninsula w/XXX and the crew. Todd was literally a few hours from hopping on a plane to Australia to race in the MTB Worlds. Here he's practicing some new no-handed aero position. Best of luck over there. A good primer for that ride, if you're planning on doing it:

When you smell the horse manure, it's time to step on it.

The cranks silly, not the horse shite.

Part of my diligence in establishing a good TT position was picking the brain of our in house wind tunnel guru, and researching the literature. What better place to check out TT position than a Triathlete Mag? I mean those TRIs spend the majority of their riding time bent over, and they ALL look better than me in a bathing suit. Just when I thought I couldn't lust after that bike anymore, I see this on the cover:

MY GOD what a sexy

More on the TT later.

you can have the p-3, i believe my man crazy beat all p-3 riders out there on his Specialized Transition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, but he did it on sheer willPOWER and an extremly dedicated work/training ethic.

Just think how fast he'd be on a P3.

Mike might be cute in his skinsuit but he looks really gnarly in a bikini.
Hey JB - Nice race yesterday. I was the AAB rider infront of you (54) that you passed around the 8 mile mark and left me 6 minutes behind at the end.
Do you know who was taking pictures at the course? I saw one guy setup around the Dismal Swamp entrance.
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