Sunday, March 11, 2007



As the "newbie" racer I had some Team responsibilities today at the Snowball Crit #2 (really #1, since #1 was actually rescheduled to a future date) :

Race smart - check

Chase breaks - check

Avoid carnage - check, (but it was another close one)

Finish w/the group - NOPE - see above

Shop for a new Team Vehicle - CHECK :

PIMPIN' aint easy, and I aim to please .

It was a gorgeous day to (avoid the assfelt and) get a good



i`m ridin wit you 2 the cross races........
When are you picking me up? You could put a bike rack on the FRONT of that thing.
Funny to think that truck's foot step thingy alone probably weighs more than your bike.

Was that a station wagon?
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