Monday, March 19, 2007


Dying and Going to Heaven

Pretty much sums up Sunday.

DYING - The Dismal Dash TT

Conditions were forecast to be 36 degrees (at my start time) with 17-20mph WSW winds. YIKES. 32 degrees at wake up w/frost on the car. Yes the saddle has too much forward tilt. Nice to be more forward on a TT bike. Not nice to keep sliding off.

Noticed a flat spot with the casing showing through on the rear tire as I put the bike up on the car. EFF. Must've been from last weeks Crit. Not much time to change it. Luckily it held. Phew.

Heard in the parking lot that the wind wouldn't be as bad as expected. After the ride it was hard to imagine it being any worse. 36-38 degrees at start time.
Didn't really feel that cold. Pretty much an out and back course with one turn.
The first 1/2 being net down wind, the second half being into the wind. The wind was steady with gusts that'd come from a different direction and blow you clear across the road if you weren't ready. A few times I'd realize I had a death grip on the bars. As soon as I'd relax and let up, a gust would hit me and almost knock me over. Time to squeeze tight again.
For some reason (probably because I didn't look at the map till after the race) I thought the wind would be be easier after the right hand turn into the last 6 mile leg, but it seemed to get worse, or maybe I was too far in the bag already. Nevertheless I was DAM glad when I crossed the finish line. Ave speed/time difference between going out and coming back - 4.5mph/9.5 minutes. Definitely have to do more LT training.

Oh yeah, if you haven't heard -


for everyone except me. I applied for and received a special dispensation. So all you other folks out there - STOP TRAINING NOW - or risk loosing your USAC racing license. Send off for your free beer and pizza vouchers, sit on your couch, watch TV and relax. Maybe this way I'll have a chance at getting 1 BAR point this year!!!
Speaking of BAR points, props to TEAM TriPower for bringing home some major pointage. With the strength and numbers shown by the other teams early this year we were (and still are) a bit concerned about defending the Team BAR Championship. Thanks to all the Tripowerer's out there that racked 'em up. Now we have a whole new meaning for "I wish I could TT like crazy" and Brenna too.
And thanks to the All About Bikes/Chesapeake Cycling Club crew for hosting the event one more time. Just try and turn the wind down a bit for next year, would ya?

Going to (culinary) Heaven

A few years back I entered my first mountain bike race. Actually it was the first time I'd ever ridden a MTB on anything other than the main trail at SeaSnore State Park. Another racer in my race suffered a tragic fall that left him paralyzed. As the helicopter came in to get him I withdrew. Since then he's shown unfathomable heart, spirit, and an unbelievably strong mind and attitude.

On Sunday evening 7 of the best chefs from 4 cities got together to cook up some of the finest tasting food I can ever remember eating. They took Gourmet to another level. If you weren't there - you should've been. It was INCREDIBLE, and for a great cause. Also a pleasure to see and say hi to Meredith. The Vintage Tavern in Suffolk is a remarkable place. PLans are in the works to open one at the Beach, and another one in Chesapeake. Here's a small "taste" of what ya'll missed :

Hope I made you jealous!

hey jb, i was talking to merideth`s wife today, she is the same age as you, she said she grew up in pittsburgh, she also went to pitt rigt out of high school, small world,huh?????????????
p.s. yes i heard the food was extraordinary..............
I'm jealous! Why didn't ya'll take me???
looked damn good. Jealous indeed.

JB... have you ever submitted photos for the weekly contest?

Food looks good!
That six13 in the first photo, that's the one I've seen, isn't it? You've tricked it out pretty nicely.
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