Friday, March 23, 2007



My poor little old laptop is bursting at the seams with bits and bytes. Simple solution, get a big new hard drive. Should be simple till you open the box and see this :

Frustration relief comes with a good


That sucks! I would never attempt to open a laptop...
I thought you were using that external jimmy jammy
Talk about LAME! I'm my company's computer guy and I totally sympathize with you. I deal with crap like that on nearly a daily basis.

I'm always reminded of the M*A*S*H episode where they have to defuse a bomb using government written bomb defusing instructions...

"Cut the blue wire connected to the retaining ring... " They sweat, and stress, and finally cut the wire. Then Radar continues reading the instructions "But first..."
So, this is coming from a 'computer guy', but... laptops aren't magical-mystery-school buses, it's just a slightly smaller computer. It's not rocket science, anyone can open one and replace a harddrive. Start by finding the support documentation on the manufacturer's website (update with the manufacturer and I'll try to find it for you), get a set of smallish screwdrivers (you probably have these from bike mechanic stuff anyway) and just keep track of what you pull off/out and put it all back together.

All the connectors for the HD are keyed so you can't go wrong :) If you can put together that fixey or TT bike you can surely replace a harddrive.

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