Thursday, August 16, 2007


Pre-Weekend Wrap UP

From the Blogosphere :

Dave Wiens scored another victory (#6) in the Leadville 100. Floyd came in second, riding in road shoes, and had a nice fall on the way.

Ultra Rob was there and put up some nice shots, with a write up on his site.

Also a gallery here.

Biker BJ has some interesting and novel ideas for sponsors of our fast ladies team. Now I know why they go so fast, AND keep smilin'.

Just when YOU thought the competition was the only thing - and CYCLING was JUST about kicking ass, taking names, and standing on boxes .........

----FatMarc did a nice multi-day (road!) ride (not race) out west and put a GREAT write up here and here.

This is at least third hand, (via IconoclaSSt, through BikeCentric, and then Go Clipless) but still amusing, in an apathetic, morose sort of way :

On a brighter note,

This was as close as I got to a group ride this AM. Looking out from the car on the way to work.

They were out doing some training before the Panera's Party, before the WaterPark party.

Why was I going to work again?

Happy BDay Laura. The years sure aren't slowing you down any.

Get well quick to Rick - who got rear-ended by some idiot in a car not awake enough to see the cyclist in front this AM. Heal quickly.


How many sets of steps at Mt Trashmore?

BONUS - How many steps in each one ............

hint - There are 226 total steps ..............

How would one know?

Get out there and run up 'em! That's how,

Last post till Sunday or Monday after the self abuse of 18hrs on the Farm (aka Scout's Honor).
Charles will be there, and you should be too......



What a mix of ideas. I commented that when I do the Tues-Thurs ride I always see you in GN Road in the car. Not surprising though since that ride runs on a train schedule back and forth down that road!
Yep. you can pretty much set your clock by our rides - they're certainly more punctual than I am.
Oh MY!!!!
thanks for the props.

rock on.
nice doo dog.....
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