Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Chewed up and Spit Out ----- Again

So we decided to add a loop before the normal loop which precedes the return loop. I was definately feeling quite a bit LOOPY after 50+ miles at or over redline. As our nucleus of riders gathered the REAL fast guys came in from their 6AM ride.........Hmmmmm, so maybe we can add another loop!?!? Nope, not theeeeese hombre', not at their pace. Maybe next year, maybe never! We got lucky and one of them was heading home the way we were so we got a nice tow at well over 25 for the first 6-8 miles or so. Thank ya' kindly!

The 8AM group numbered 12 or so. At the first regroup we picked up 2 or 3 more, most notably State BAR/Omnium JL who was rollin' on the new Team TriPower C'Dale Six13 complete with full rear disc and aerobars. So we're all sitting there (re)grouped but no one is moving. Time to send out the sacrifical lamb (or rabbit) as the case may be - that would be me.
I take off and settle in for a mile pull or so, feeling good I roll off, drift back, and look for the last wheel. The fourth rider goes by and there's a big gap! I turn around to see no group and have to sprint to catch the last wheel - one match burned. JL's on the front now puttin' the hammer down (actually he probably wasn't even breathing hard, but it felt like a hammer to me). Third wheel starts to drift back a few bike lengthes and I jump hard around him to keep hold of the front 2 - another match burnt. I catch the wheel and am hangin' on. Then the group, which is now under full locomotive power, rolls by. In the blink of an eye I get spit OTB again. But recovery is quick, I gather up some speed, then gather up Dave, and am off to try and catch them. Turning down Atlantic it seems like I'm close enough to touch 'em (probably an illusion) and have Dave on my wheel cracking the whip - ....."Go Go Go you're almost there" ....ummm....thanks Dave! BANG POW BOOM, I blow up again - no matches left. Deep in the hurt locker now. Bob and I finally catch the group a few miles later in the neighborhood.

The reverse loop was fine, 2 pulls, some wheel-suckin', and ease on home, but I now feel like burnt toast.

The moral is - Get up earlier to ride longer, harder and hurt even MORE! Yeaaaaa Baby

Group rides are FUN!

Now here's an interesting Tuesday group ride! WOW

I lift a glass to JM and all those who rode and finished the W101 last weekend. Including IF Chick TM who raged to a win on a SingleSpeed! Absolutely insane.

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