Saturday, August 20, 2005


Pre-Race Panic

After messing around with my other problems yesterday I didn't have time to pack up until this morning. I still can't get the pedal off!

I leave at 11:30 (3 hours later than planned) for the race which is a 2.5 hour drive if the roads are clear.

What's a guy to do if the tools he has don't get the job done? Buy MORE BIGGER tools! I stop at Sears on the way out get the biggest ratchet they have with a set of metric hex sockets.

Of course traffic is backed up 5 miles going into the tunnel, and an accident in Newport News adds more delay.

On the way there I stop at the closest convenience store to get more ice.

"Do ya'll have any ice?" I ask the dude.
"Umm....... no it all melted" he says.

Arrival at the awesome venue 90 minutes before race time. Barely enough time to set up and register, let alone fix my pedal. The BIGGER better tools work great and I get the pedal changed 10 minutes before race time. Its VERY hot and HUMID.

A view down "cabin row" :

Team "Arsenal" is next door, eventual mens expert/pro winners

Craig is on the other side riding with Team "3 Mules and an Ass", last I heard they still weren't sure who the ass was.The course finishes down, then up this gravel road. At most races it's hard enough to get a pit area near the course. Here you can get a cabin directly on the course!

The pop-up is popped up next to the cabin

My pit area is in typical disarray. I'd like to blame this on lack of time, but those that know, know it would look this way even if I was there a day early.


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