Friday, August 19, 2005


Shake Down Spin

Out for a shakedown spin after working on the Epic reveals :
Grrrrrreat. More to do before the race tomorrow. I got some pedals, but no one stocks any tubeless MTB tires around here, or tubeless patch kits. Contes gives me a spoke wrench. After finding the leak I still have no way to patch it so have to put a tube in the tubeless, no other choice. The wheel actually trues up well, but after trying every tool I have I can't get the freakin' Crank Brothers Candy pedal off. Why don't they make these to work with a regular pedal wrench like the rest of the world?

Boy Scouts full annotated, originally uploaded by Love2Ride.

Here's the map for the course this weekend. 8.5-9 miles 800 feet of climbing per lap. A great mix of single track double track some gravel road too. A pirate ship, a fort or 2, some TeePees, 8 bridges, 3 lakes, 7 dwarfs and rumor has it Snow White herself will be out there looking for a date!

Good luck. Wish I was there.
See you in a couple weeks!

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