Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Sea Shore State Park and Harvey Keitel

I like to use resting heart rate as a training overtraining indicator. After more than a week of my RHR being in the 60-62 range, this morning it was back down to base level at 51. Yeeee-haaaa. My legs are feeling better each day, only a tiny bit of that "good" soreness left.

Today was an easy 90 minute spin through SeaShore State Park on the MTB. Now I didn't say I went MTBing, just that I was ON my MTB.

Sea Shore is a nice place to ride but hardly MTBing

Sort of like Harvey Keitel (as Winston Wolfe) at the end of Pulp Fiction said:
"Just because you ARE a character, doesn't mean you HAVE character!"

"Just because you're ON a MTB doesn't mean you ARE a MTBer."

Something I'm painfully reminded of when I'm getting my butt kicked by a new trail or difficult section somewhere.



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