Saturday, September 10, 2005


Gettin' my slay on.

Having been off a bike for 5 straight days I felt the need to do something different. Living in what has to be the flattest place on earth and trying to train for a long mountainous distance race, I had to use my imagination.

So what was I to do? No mountains around here, not even a good hill. So I had to go out and slay some bridges. I'm SURE ol' Don would've joined me if he lived here and rode a bicycle.

I wasn't after the little local bridges. Nope. It was time to put in some miles and get to the "BIG" ones!

With the sun still very low in sky the first bridge was felled with ease from the north.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and there was time for a quick glance at the view.

On the way to the next victim I picked up a strange grey rider on my right.

Try as I may I just couldn't drop the guy.

Even in the aero position he hung on like an accomplished TTer.

At last I got to the next target. The Pungo Ferry bridge.

It took 3 passes from each direction and to slay this dandy.

On the way to my next objective I won double points for a State line/County line sprint.

Did I say it was flat here?

It wasn't a bad time to take a little break.......on the way to another trophy :

Four times from the north, four times from the south, it was fodder for my wheels.

Afew seconds to take in the views before a nice lunch in:

Now most town names make some sense. Across the waterway is Waterlilly. One can easilly come up with an idea as to how that town was named, but COINJOCK? Hmmmmm. what was this - a bank for football players?

Even the Knapp bridge doesn't look as big from down below.

NO! You don't want a piece of me......For I am Jon Quixote -----BRIDGE SLAYER!



sweet ride.
FINALLY did some spinning today. Only
45 min. but my god it felt goooood.

Amazing, you flat beat yourself to a pulp man! WTG Take it eay getting back on there!
Bridge slaying--what a riot!
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