Thursday, September 22, 2005


408.3 Miles, 23,000 (sore) feet of Climbing

A Long Story Shortened

OK I get a lil' long winded but I have a need to put this one to rest.
I got 'er done with the above stats. I was the first (and only) to finish 3 laps and I did it self supported. This by default gives me some kind of course record which I feel totally unworthy of. Most of the 4 lap guys with their support crews were ahead of me when I finished. I put up a bunch of pictures here.

Some stats:

Stuff ingested :

With all done and most said it was an amazing experience that pushed me to, through and beyond my mediocre limits. The low points were :

The high points were :

Riding the last 75 miles. What was the big turnaround? I went into the last checkpoint with a bag of stuff I'd just purchased from a local store in Winchester - chips, candy, Pepsi, Tylenol, Advil, and RedBull. John C asked me what's in the bag. I just said "Something in here is going to help me 'cause I need it bad." I'd never messed with "alternative energy drinks" like RedBull or Rockstar before but they sure seemed to give me what I needed to get me home.

After cresting the last climb out of Keene Valley I was spinnin' like a mad man as Rodger came up along side and asked if I needed anything. At that point I was sure I had it licked at smiled and told him I felt great, I see him at the finish (35 miles ahead). Man those are some bipolar mood swings.

I was sure the lead 4 lappers would pass me coming in, probably on the Keene Valley hill. I actually was hoping to get a picture or 2 of them. Once I made it over that, it became a battle to stay ahead. With about 5 miles to go in the pitch dark Jaroslav passed me , with support vehicle in tow. I could just see the summit of the last climb as the blinking red tail lights of his support van crested it. I was spinning SO fast up that hill I knew if I stopped my right knee would seize up. The sky was finally clear at that point in time only, clear enough to see a beautiful full moon over Ticonderoga. The final downhill had tears of a different kind blowing out of the corners of my eyes.




That is freaking awesome!! Congratulations. That is one hell of an accomplishment. You should be super proud of youself. I can't imagine doing that.

Take care and take your time recovering.

Thanks for the comment, finally feeling on the way back to normal and may go for a ride tomorrow! We have a trail work day in the AM.
Finally got my pictures up.

Youy pictures were great and the comments had me laughing
Very nice photos John, and you said they didn't come out good!
You guys have a nice sight there.
Thanks. It seemed to me the scenery pictures came out well, but the people didn't. Weird lighting II think
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