Tuesday, September 20, 2005



The course is 136.1 miles long with about 7600 feet of climbing. There is one "rest stop/aid station" at mile 66 just before the climb up to Lake Placid. Drafting is NOT allowed.

An entrant could choose 1,2,3 or 4 laps. 1 lap of course was the most popular choice for those riders with plenty of century experience who wanted to push the envelope a bit with some more mileage and good long climbs. 2 laps for those that had experience at the 200+ mile level and wanted a good challenge. At 272.2 miles with 15000+ feet of climbing that would be a good day for most. In the last 2 years only 3 people had attempted 2 laps, none had finished. 3 laps would bring you to the "Quad" century level with over 4 miles of vertical elevation gain. No one had ever tried it.

The 4 lappers are, as I see it, in a class by themselves. Those fit and brave enough to try 544 miles with 30,000+ feet of climbing already have allot of ultra distance experience. You just don't roll out of bed one day and decide to tackle that task. Those that try 4 laps are trying to qualify or are ALREADY qualified for RAAM and are here to train at the ultra level and get some practice night riding with their team. Everyone in the 4 lap race had a follow vehicle/crew. Someone to handoff food and bottles, keep spares and tools in the event of a mechanical, and provide some light and safety throughout the night. The vehicle also gives shelter from the elements, a place to change into dry clothes and rest when needed. Many were equipped with 2 way radios to aid communication between rider and crew.

Holy Shit John! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu need to call me and give me all the gory details.
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