Monday, September 26, 2005


What to do? - Get a Nickname!

Man not riding a bike is hard, although it's easier when you're totally whipped. After cleaning, lubing and checking the bikes I was in search of something amusing to do. It turns out the US Open is in town! Not golf, not tennis, but 9-Ball. So what the heck!

I donned my old team colors

and went on down to Chesapeake Convention Center to watch the largest 9-Ball tournament in the world. Hustlers from 20 different countries were among the 256 starting entrants. Earl the Pearl was there, as well as the Miz (although he wasn't playing). Charlie the Korean Dragon was there and still in the winners bracket. He'd taken more $$'s from me than I care to admit years ago before going pro.

It made me think - why don't more cyclists have nicknames? Some do - Il Falconi, the cannibal, the Ace, but they're not embraced as much by the media or the crowd. If you had to have a cycling nickname - What would it be?

RideOn - While I'm not!

J the peddler B

I like "Ball Buster" myself. Never knew you were such a pool shark. Cool.
The "BallBusters" after a successful 8-10 years in the league are now defunct do to lack of interest.
Part of the old team merged with "RackAttack" to form the hybrid "RackBusters". (hich certainly sounds better than "BallAttack" !) :-)
Ball attack would be great in a Gay Pool League.
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