Thursday, September 15, 2005


Up in the Mountains

Left the beach at 2:00AM to make the 4:30 riders meeting. After an monsoon like deluge in southern New York, and a detour off the Garden State Parkway (an accident forced the CLOSING of the 5 lane expressway) I made it with 45 minutes to spare.

I saw many familiar faces at the meeting of about 15. John C reviewed the rules and we made plans for a nice pre-race carbo-loading dinner.

At the table we have (l-r):

We talked about the course, our plans (Ross was registered for 1 lap, Rick, Mark and I for 2) and ate some great homemade pasta. Rick described the last climb, and a terrible stretch of road he called "Frontier Town". He said once you get past that you're almost home. I was glad I was riding this course sight unseen - in ignorance lies pure bliss.


Hope all was well. Anxious for the report. Course profile was a tad sick.
Hope you had fun (who am I kidding I know you had fun).


It was truly amazing (sick is right - in the best sense of the word)
Gonna be hard to even put it all in words.
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